Ensure Fair Settlement From Your Water Damage Claim

November 22, 2016


Water damage insurance claims tend to be the most frequently kind of property claim that get reported. Unfortunately, these claims usually do not pay out what you deserve.

In fact, settlements for water damage claims are often delayed, underpaid, or denied altogether.


Know That the Actual Cause May Affect Your Claim


It’s useful to understand what kinds of insurance policies cover water damage. Generally speaking, damage that results from home-related incidents like broken pipes, leaking pipes, a broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow or clogged toilet should be covered under homeowners insurance.

Damage caused by extreme weather can be considered flood damage and may require separate flood insurance.

An experienced public adjuster can help you determine the best course of action depending on your specific circumstances.


Beware These Hazards in the Wake of Water Damage


If your property seems affected by water damage, please proceed carefully. The most immediate threat can be possible electrocution as a result of water coming in contact with electric wiring. For that reason alone, it is critical for you to keep all family members at a distance from the damage until it can be evaluated by a professional.

But it’s also quite possible that the water itself may not be safe. Human waste and other contaminants are likely to harbor bacteria that can cause sickness or disease. And, there are always the lingering ill effects that toxic mold can cause even after you thought the situation was resolved.


Understand Why Water Damage Claims Tend to Be Minimized


Water can be elusive and migrate throughout your property even after the initial damage. This often leads to a situation where your insurance company underestimates the full extent of damage. Remember, the worst flooding or damage probably occurred when no one was there to witness it. So, it pays to have your property carefully evaluated by an experienced Public Adjuster without delay.


Get an Experienced Professional on Your Side Immediately


An experienced Public Adjuster can help make sure you, as a claimant, get the best possible settlement from your insurer. A Public Adjuster has extensive experience reviewing insurance contracts and knows your rights.

Our claim adjusters have the experience to ensure you win fair settlements for water damage claims.


The Insurance Company Has Their Representatives. You Should Have Yours.


Once you call us in, here’s what we’ll do. First, we’ll inspect your loss and carefully document the damage. That can include photo, video, and written descriptions of the damage. But we’ll also bring specialized gear such as moisture testing equipment, thermal imaging tools, and borescopes that are used to assess damage in more detail and identify damages that may be hidden from the naked eye.

Next, we’ll perform a detailed review of your insurance coverage’s and help you file your claim to ensure you are compliant and in the best possible position to make a full recovery. Then, if required we’ll mobilize qualified remediation experts to mitigate your damages.

From there we work with you to prepare, submit, and negotiate every aspect of your claim to ensure an expedited and fair recovery.


Act Now If You Suspect Water Damage

1. If it’s an emergency, get to a safe location and dial 911.

2. Call us on our free 24-hour emergency response line 929-999-4674 ASAP.

3. Do not discard any damaged items before they are inventoried.

4. Resist the urge to begin restoring your damaged property.


Contact Us Now for a Free Inspection and Consultation

Eastern Public Adjusters is a disaster recovery consultancy and expert in property insurance claims management. With over 20 years of experience, servicing clients all over the Greater New York City area including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we guarantee swift and expert claims preparation. For 24/7 claims advice and service, call (929) 999-4674 or contact us at www.easternpublicadjusters.com.


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